Enchanted by the symbolic literacy and functionality that emerges from objects made by primitive techniques that are still alive, OTHER SOULS integrates in the journey of timeless people that create and transfer knowledge through the making of beautiful work, passed from Masters to a new generation.

OTHER SOULS creates timeless textiles, made with botanical elements and sophisticated ancestral techniques, in hand with local culture and native nature.

Textiles were a magic portal to symbolism, passage rituals, unions, offerings, protection, physical and spiritual journeys. Masterful artists from around the world have preserved their art through generational heritage. OTHER SOULS recognises the fragility of these practices in today's world and aims to uphold this knowledge.


B O T A N I C T E X T I L E S  

Other Souls creates together with incredibly skilful woman and men unique textiles pieces. Conserving primitive yet sophisticated and sustainable methods, we imprint into each piece timeless aspects of cultural and creative communication. Simple yet powerful symbols and forms surpass frontiers and maps, connecting the visual and cultural language of people from the earth and above, from yesterday and today.

PRESERVING CULTURE  by supporting the continuation of ancestral skills through a practice of creation and making, preserving and transferring their knowledge as cultural heritage. 

CONSERVING NATURE  by supporting the use of botanical processes for colour pigmentation and when possible, organic farming for fabrics. Using native natural dyes, free of chemicals, avoids local water supply pollution and ensures a healthy working process.

EMPOWERING SKILLS  by commissioning meaningful pieces and creating collaborations with improved terms of trade, valuing the multiple aspects of their knowledge.






We travel, some of us forever, to seek other states, other lives,  

Other souls-  Anais Nin