Ojo de Fatima (cotton)


Ojo de Fatima (cotton)


Batik/ botanical dye printed on cotton (100 x 250 cm)               

Natural wax printed with a metal batik stamp on soft, thick cotton; followed by a double layer of hand painted wax on the printed design. Four, eight and fifteen immersions in sequence in natural Indigo (Indigofera tinctoria) to achieve the blue variations, in between drying periods. The first, second and third blue tones are covered in wax, in sequences, to isolate them from the following dyeing immersions that will darken the blues.The design reveals after when the wax melts in hot water. A hand and natural process that involves at least two months of work by various hands and minds, connected towards the same vision.

  • 100% cotton
  • 100% natural dyeing from native nature
  • beautiful traces from manual making, each piece is unique
  • raw end on height edges
  • slight colour variations may occur
  • hand wash gently with cold water and soft neutral soap, line or flat dry, iron at medium temperature if wanted

Made in the hills of Bali, Indonesia in collaboration with masterful batik artisans, in peaceful times and safe surroundings.

* Please refer to the detail photo for texture. On the main photo it looks translucid from direct light through the fabric, but this is a soft, thick cotton.

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Limited pieces. Textiles available now might not be later. Native botanic species, rainy seasons, organic hand woven fabrics are variables and supplies that can alter the making of the pieces throughout the year.
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