Batik. Botanical dye printed with metal stamp on organic hand woven cotton (80 x 140 cm)

The almost black colour derives from the Indigo leaf (Indigofera tinctoria) and the Pomegranate fruit (Punica granatum). The fabric has been immersed 8 times to reach the darkest colour of the blue tincture and 3 times in the dye extracted from the fruit to intensify it.

In the mythology of Bali (Indonesia) the BARONG represents an animal creature, a protector spirit. A playful character, it scares off the evil spirits with his supernatural protective power. This textile, black & white, connects light and darkness, good and evil, in harmony. For Balinese, it can act as protective piece for the body or a physical space. 

Made in the hills of Bali, in collaboration with master batik artisans, in peaceful times and safe surroundings.

  • 100% organic hand woven cotton by women in Java
  • beautiful traces from manual making, each piece is unique
  • raw end on height edges
  • slight colour variations may occur
  • hand wash gently with cold water and neutral soft soap, line or flat dry, iron at medium temperature if wanted